A is a Late Kickflip done at the peck of a Inward Heelflip. Corey a dumb ass


1-set up as if you where doing a varial kickflip with the front foot in a kickflip position and the backfoot at a pop shove it.

2-pop a Varial kickflip

3-wait for it to do its flip

4-Next as if you where to late it with the grip tape right under your feet kick up with your backfoot

5-pull the backfoot up

6-pull both feet up into your chest to avoid hitting the board

7-land on the tech deck and go play runescape....


  • version 1

Do a 360 Flip instead of a Varial Kickflip.

  • version 2

at step 1/2 set up like a 360 flip and do a late heelflip as soon as its finished the 180 and kick it back around to do a full 360.

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