Thrasher is a monthly skateboarding magazine founded in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher and Fausto Vitello.[1][2] It regularly publishes articles (not limited to the skateboarding subject), skateboard photography, interviews with professional skateboarders, interviews with and reviews of musical groups, skatepark reviews, and miscellaneous oddities.

Thrasher has recently started a contest called King of the Road. The KOTR contest takes 4 teams of pro skaters, gives them a book of challenges, and gives them 2 weeks to travel across the country and complete as many goals as they can. The King of the Road competition has been held every year since 2003.

In 1999 the magazine sponsored a PlayStation game called Thrasher: Skate and Destroy.

Since January 2006 the magazine is also published bimonthly in French language for francophone Europe.

Hall of FameEdit

The Skateboard Hall of Fame was created to recognize skateboarders who have been influential and innovative through their actions on a skateboard. Selection to this list was based on spontaneous, radical skating—not necessarily contest results. All of these skaters have left marks on skateboard history.

Lifetime Achievement AwardsEdit

  • Skip Engblom
  • Stan and Jean Hoffman
  • Ron Stoner
  • Mark Richards

Skater of the Year Edit

The title of Skater of the Year is given out once a year by Thrasher magazine. The tradition was started in 1990 and has been one of the most respected awards in pro skateboarding. The title is bestowed to the skater who has received the most votes from Thrasher's readers.

Skater of the Year recipients

Videography Edit

Thrasher has produced or has assisted in the production of many films.

Thrasher has also released an annual King of the Road video since 2003.

Skate Rock Edit

Thrasher also releases a series of Skate Rock compilation tapes. Skate Rock started in 1983 and it was mostly punk rock bands who were skaters.

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