Fossil Park Skateboard Park

A skatepark is an athletic facility designed and constructed specifically for skateboarders, in-line skaters and arguably freestyle BMX riders and Scooter users. It offers a place to congregate, relax and perform skills in a safe environment.

Most skateparks are very distinctive in their design, and they sometimes contain an assortment of things to ride and slide on as well as half-pipes, quarter pipes, vert ramps, pyramids, snake runs, banked ramps, full pipes, stairs, spines, grind rails, fun boxes and lots of alternative trick and stunt-oriented architectural structures. The structures included usually depends on the dimensions of the park grounds or building and also the desires of the skaters and alternative riders who will use the park. Inline sport and skating sports do not have any standards, pre-set formats or layout rules for skatepark configurations, therefore all is unique in its style and may cater to the interests, desires and skating levels of the local skating and riding community. Some communities even have skateparks that are adorned with graffiti and urban art – and they are viewed as an important part of the aggressive inline and skateboard culture.

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