thumb|300px|right|a sigma flip in motion

A sigma flip is very much like a hospital flip however instead of just doing a kickflip and catching it,you do a varial kickflip a then catch it with your front foot.


1-set up just like a varial kickflip with you front foot in a 45 degree angle and some back toe hanging off or however you do yours

2-pop it just like a varial kickflip

3-Now heres the hard part as soon as the board dose its varial flip you want to catch it so the trucks are facing up.catch the board at the nose or where the concave meets

4-as your front foot catch's the grip tape you're gona want to kick it out or push it round to do the shove it motion

5-now pull your feet up into your chest so that they don't hit the board

6-place both feet on the board and roll away

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