Invented by Salvador Lucas Barbier (Sal Barbier). in motion this trick mimics a Fingerflip and a 360 Pop Shove-It. While riding forward, the rider mildly hits the tail like a Backside Pop Shove-It. At about 45 degrees into the rotation with the leading hand, catch the nose with the palmside of the hand touching the grip tape (thumb underneath) with an elbow motion, flare the board forward and outward for the rest of the rotation (315 degrees) with the feet up and out of the way until the rotation is complete . depending on air time the feet may 'catch' the board in mid air or casing the trick at touchdown. On flat ground this trick may not 'flare' as much and may look similar to a (palmside) Fingerflip that 'pirouettes' vertically using more of a wrist motion as opposed to an elbow motion. The higher the rider goes the more exaggerated the movement can be, IE instead of a wrist or elbow rotation the rider can actually 'flare' the board with a shoulder motion.

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