Rob dyrdeck
Rob Dyrdek
Nickname(s) Thuggy D, Bobby Diesel, Bobby Light
Nationality American
Date of birth June 28, 1974 (Kettering, Ohio)
Height 1,7 meters
Weight 61 kg
Turned pro 1991 (age 16)
Personal best(s) * Consecutive front-side ollies: 46 (2007, WR)
  • Ollie big spins: 12 (2007, WR)
  • Consecutive nollie kickflips: 73 (2007, WR)
  • 360-degree kickflips in one minute: 12 (2007, WR)
  • Heel flips in one minute: 15 (2007, WR)
  • Consecutive ollies: 215 (2007)
  • Nollie kickflips in one minute: 22 (2007, WR)
  • Longest stationary manual: 49 seconds (2007, WR)
  • Switch frontside kickflips in one minute: 9 (2007, WR)
  • Longest 50-50 rail grind: 100 feet (2007, WR)
  • Longest board slide: 100 feet (2007, WR)
  • Highest skateboard ramp jump into water: 10 feet 8 inches (2007, WR)

Rob Dyrdek (born June 28, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio) is an American skateboarder and star of his own reality TV series entitled Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and the television show Rob and Big. He is sponsored by Alien Workshop, Orion, Dc Shoe Co., and Monster Energy. He has completed many world skating records in his career.

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