A Nollie is a variation of the ollie, where the skateboarder uses the front foot to pop the nose down and the back foot to scrape backwards to achieve lift off of the ground, as opposed to an ollie where the rider uses the back foot on the tail to pop and the front foot to scrape forwards. It is similar to a switch ollie riding backwards.

It is not to be confused with a Fakie ollie (which is an ollie where the rider uses his/her original foot position but riding backwards).

Variations Edit

  • Nollie 180, a Nollie where the skateboarder and the skateboard rotate in a 180-degree spin after leaving the ground. Both the skateboarder and the skateboard rotate in the same direction (Frontside or Backside) with the skateboarder's feet sticking to the skateboard. After landing the trick, the skateboarder will be rolling in the opposite direction.
  • Like ollies, a nollie can be combined with other tricks to form new tricks; for example, combined with a kickflip or pop shove-it, would form a nollieflip or nollie shove-it.

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