A nollie FS Popshuv with a back foot hardflip underflip.This is one of the most unknown tricks by most skaters,and the ones that have seen it mostly want to learn how to do it. This trick is most easly done in nollie position.Also Invented by Garrett on youtube is the link to his page.



thumb|300px|left thumb|300px|right 1-set your front foot on the bit where your nose meets the concave with some toe hanging off also have the bit hanging off sort of under the deck if you get that.and backfoot like a bs pop shove it.

2-pop it high and at the same time move your front foot under and kick it up,out it doesn't matter right now.

3-as the board flips from the underflip suck your legs up to avoid hitting the deck as its spinning

4-place both feet on the board and ride off thumb|300px|right

360 versionEdit

As you kick the board up and out at the same time causing it to flip 360 degrees


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