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A rider in the dark does a late heelflip

A Late heelflip is a version off a Late flip done to mimic a heelflip,done a the highest point of a ollie normally with the back foot however it isn't uncommon to see a rider do one with the front foot.


1-Set like an Ollie

2-Pop the tail and drag your foot like a normal ollie

3-At the point where the ollie is in the air but straight under both feet before you push down to land it,Kick down with your foot ether back or front on the side of the board farest from you

4-pull your feet back up into your chest

5-push down as soon as the griptape comes around thumb|300px|left 6-lean forward to avoid it shooting out Once learned you can do them from most tricks Pop Shove it kickflip Heelflip 360 flip anything really

Late 360 HeelflipEdit

thumb|300px|right Just kickout as soon as the board pops to get the spin

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