Robert horne f/s pop

A late F/S Pop Shove it

A Late Pop Shove it is a shove it in ether direction done at the highest peak of an ollie.This is normally done with both feet going in opposite directions one gos forward and an another gos backwards,However Some can do it with one foot.


1. Set your feet on the board as if you were preparing to perform an Ollie.

2. Pop the board with your back foot.

3. When the board evens out, try pushing the board in the air with your feet, one to go in front of you, and one behind you.

4. Wait for the deck to complete the 180 late shove it.

5. Land the trick with both feet on the deck and ride off.

Common MistakesEdit

One mistake is when you even the board out, you kick with your feet doing the shove it, but your feet won't have time to land on the board. This is because you kicked them out try to just use your feet to do the trick

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