Is a Kickflip done at the highest point of a ollie.Its done by kicking down with the back foot or the front foot as soon as the board evens out.The higher the ollie the more time it has to complete the flip.It can also be done in nollie thumb|300px|right


1-Set up Just like a ollie but lean back more

2-Pop it just like a normal Ollie thumb|300px|left 3-As soon as the board evens out kick down with the foot your gonna use to do the late flip on the side closet to you.

4-Suck your legs back into your chest to avoid hitting the board (when first learning these your kicking leg will probably hit the ground first or miss the board completely just keep practicing and it will come thumb|300px|right 5-As soon as the grip tape comes around land with booth feet on the board. thumb|300px|left

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