A kiwi Flip is Done like a nerdflip however its done by doing a 360 flip with the underflip.Its more Commonly done in 360 then 180 due to it being easier.


1-Set up like a nerd flip with your front foot on the nose with most of it hanging off this time though at more of an angle.And your back foot in a pop shove it postion

2-pop just like a normal nerd flip but instead try to get the board to do a 360 flip with your front foot its kinda hard to explain but just get out there and do it.

3-Just as all Nerd tricks this is no differently you have to jump high not as high as most but just high enough to let it spin fully.

4-push down on the griptape to ensure a good landing and ride off. thumb|300px|right

Nollie Kiwi Big Heel FlipEdit

Done in nollie the board does a nollie 360 kiwi flip and the rider follows it 180 same as a big heel but a kiwi version

720 vesionEdit

Do it just like a normal version but with more under kick and shove it. Insert non-formatted text here

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