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Inward HeelflipEdit

An Inward Heelflip combines a Backside (Pop) Shove-it with a heelflip. The name comes from the rider's point of view, because while doing an Inward Heelflip, the 180 degree rotation of flip moves the board inward instead of outwards as in a varial heelflip. It does not generally go through your legs, but it can. John brown(not the inventor,as Alex Booth invented it) is well known for executing this trick in all stances.



Skater does a "Inward Heelflip"!

1-the rider sets up just like a Varial Kickflip but the front foot is set like a heelflip

2-just like the kickflip version the rider scoops the tail like a pop shove it while kicking the front foot like a heelflip

3-the rider then sucks the knees up to avoid the board

4-they then land and ride away clean with the Al Booth guarantee...

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