Before you learn how to heelflip, you’ll want to know how to ollie at least a foot, since you need some height for the trick. Set up your feet with the ball of your back foot on the tail. You want to place your front foot just behind the front bolts with your toes hanging off the edge. As you prepare to pop, make sure your body is straight and you are balanced. Keep your head directly above the center point above between your two feet. Make sure you're not leaning forward too much. Just give a slight squat. The positioning may seem awkward at first, but you have to practice this positioning to get a feel for the balance of the trick.Pop the tail straight down with your back foot and start to jump up. Do not jump forward, just jump straight up. As soon as the tail hits the ground, flick your front foot up and out, towards upper concave of the board. You also want to suck up your legs to get the board to flip higher. Keep your front foot up so that the board has room to spin under you. Stay over your board through out the heelflip.When you see the board come back around, stomp down with your feet to catch it. Aim to land on top of the two sets of bolts.

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