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Chris haslam flip

Is a varial kickflip followed by a late kickflip normally done with the back foot that hits the tail to start the flip.named after its create Chris Haslam.


thumb|300px|right 1-set up like a varail kickflip with the front foot at a 45 degree angle and the toes of the backfoot hanging off a bit

2-pop it just as if you were doing a varial

3-as the griptape disappears(over-spin normally skaters don't let this happen)the back foot has to hit the tail to make the board do a kickflip so kick it down on the side closet to you

4-suck the back leg back up

5-suck both legs into the chest to avoid hitting the board as it's sniping

6-push down with both feet so it don't spin anymore and ride away

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