thumb|300px|right A feeble grind is a skateboard move that is similar to a 50-50 and a boardslide. It is a more advanced move so be sure you know how to do the requisite parts of the skateboard trick before you try to put them all together in a feeble grind.

Tj bohach-feeble grind double set


2- Find any rail


4-Pop an ollie high enough to rise above the rail and do a bit of a nosebone without rotating yourself or your board far enough to land in a 50/50. Land grinding the back truck with the handrail itself sliding against your board between the trucks. Most of your weight at this point should be over your back truck.

5-Place a little more weight on the front of your skateboard with your foot positioned near the front bolts. Keep your front leg straight but spread your weight as if you are doing a 50-50 grind. If you put too much weight on the back, you can slide too fast. If you put too much weight on the front foot, you can stick and fall forward. Even weight distribution is key for a good feeble grind.

6-Slide down the rail to the end. As you approach the end of the rail, shift your weight just slightly back to the rear of the skateboard. Do a bit of an ollie motion to pop off the rail back to the ground.

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