The FS 360 ShuvitEdit

The FS 360 shuvit is a frontside trick where the board spins 360 degrees behind the skater. You would scoop forward to accomplish the trick.

It is rather a hard trick, because you cannot really see the board, as it is spinning behind you. Although, there is a variation to this trick where you do a body varial while doing this trick, called a Frontside Bigspin.

How To Do ItEdit

Here are the steps to do a FS 360 shuvit.

1. First off, get yourself at a moderate rolling speed.

2. Bend your knees, and get ready to scoop the board.

3. Scoop your backfoot as HARD as you can, seriously. You have to scoop it hard.

4. While scooping the board, lift your front foot up, and make sure you jump for this trick. Jump high.

5. Land on the bolts and ride away clean.


Try not to land both feet near the middle of the board, as you can risk snapping the board.

Before attempting this trick, you should know a Frontside Shuvit, Ollie, and a Frontside Bigspin. You don't need to know a Frontside Bigspin, but they help for this trick.

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