Enjoi is a skateboarding company that offers a line of professionally endorsed skateboard decks as their primary product. They also offer wheels, bearings, and clothing. The company was originally headed by professional skateboarder Marc Johnson, who eventually left for Chocolate Skateboards. After Johnson's departure, Matt Eversole took over as head of the company. They released their first video, Bag of Suck in 2006, which won TWS (Transworld Skateboarding) Video of the Year Award. Enjoi is the only skateboarding company that does not use ads of their skaters doing skateboarding tricks. Instead thay use witty ads that depict skateboarding in a non-skateboarding way. Enjoi is owned and distributed by Dwindle Distribution which is owned by Globe International.

Enjoi skateboarding company's logo is a stylized panda, usually white and black but sometimes rasta. On some skateboard decks they have various colors and patterns, such as plaid, stripes,shades of green and dots.

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