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Deluxe Distribution is an ERMICO owned subsidiary founded in 1986 with limited partner Brian Ware in San Francisco. The original intent of Deluxe was for the distribution of the Beware Record label and various small record labels popular with skateboarders along with Thunder Trucks and Supercush Bushings. Currently Deluxe distributes five skateboard brands, and own DLXSF, a retail outlet.

Brands Edit

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Spitfire is a wheel company founded in 1987.[1] It features a large team of pros including Erik Ellington, Eric Koston, Mark Gonzales, Daewon Song, Kevin Long, Tony Trujillo,Dustin Dollin,Jesse Engel, Sean Malto and Lizard King. They are considered by many riders to be the premier wheels in the sport.

Real Skateboards Edit

Real Skateboards is a board company that was founded by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud formally of Powell Skateboards. They are guaranteed against defects, but not breakage. Their current notable riders are Peter Ramondetta, Joshua Bellamy, Dennis Busenitz, JT Aultz, Ernie Torres. Past riders include Salman Agah, Julien Stranger, Mark Gonzales, & Cairo Foster. Videos include Real To Reel (2001), Kicked Out Of Everywhere,Recipe For Disaster and Roll Forever. Their new video will be available during next fall (2009).

Krooked Edit

Krooked is a board company headed by Mark Gonzales. He previously rode for Real before starting his own company under Deluxe. The pro team consists of Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, and Bobby Worrest. They are noted for their guest boards, where they release limited runs of pro decks for riders that ride for other companies such as Pat Duffy John Cardiel, Natas Kaupas, Paul Rodriguez Jr., Wade Speyer, Sean Sheffey, Guy Mariano, and Jason Jessee, as well as guest artist decks, including graphics by Robert Williams, Mike Giant, and others. In 2008 Krooked lost Van Wastell, who was killed in Germany. Krooked videos include The Krooked Kronicles, Gnar Gnar.

Antihero Edit

Antihero is a board company headed by Julien Stranger starting in the mid 90's The pro team includes John Cardiel, Frank Gerwer, Tony Trujillo, Peter Hewitt and Andrew Allen. Past riders include Tim Upson, Brian Seber, Eric jay, Andy Roy, Bob Burnquist, and Tony Mirona. Their most notable symbol is the eagle. Videos include The Antihero Video, 2 Song Video, Tent City, Cash Money Vagrant. Two of the current riders have won Thrasher's SOTY Cardiel & Trujillo.

Thunder Trucks Edit

Thunder Trucks is the oldest company in the Deluxe roster, dating back to 1986, before Deluxe was in existence. They offer their truck in two height profiles, low and high, with custom pro-designed colors and graphics. Their team includes Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Marc Johnson, Erik Ellington, Peter Ramondetta, Nick Dompierre, Sean Malto, Keith Hufnagel, Ed Templeton, Dennis Busenitz, John Rattray, Frank Gerwer, Elissa Steamer, Rick McCrank, James Brockman, Dylan Reider and Dan Pensyl.

References Edit

  1. Spitfire's Champion - Transworld Business Magazine

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