a Chaos Flip is one of the hardest Flip Tricks ever made,It is a 360 Flip to a late 360 Heelflip normally done with a underflip.This trick needs an insane amount of air time


1-Set up like a 360 Flip.

2-Start Off by scooping the tail.

3-As the board Stars to spin Kick with your front foot just like a kickflip.

4-Suck your legs up as you Do the 360 flip to avoid hitting however keep your back foot under the board.

5-Wait for the board to complete spinning.

6-As soon as its finishes spinning Pull your back foot to meet the bottom of the board.

7-When your back Foot has Gotten to the board kick it up at a 45 degree angle.

8-Make sure to kick at the right place (that's right Before the back truck) and Kick with enough Strength to do the 360 heelflip.

9-Also kick forward as this will do the heelflip spin.

10-Pull your back leg up to avoid hitting the deck while its spinning.

11-Wait for the board to stop Spinning.

12-time it perfectly because this trick can be very hard to land due to all the foot work.

13-As you catch the board catch it with your Front foot to stop the spin .

14-When Catch push down to land it.

15-Make sure to be leaning forward to avoid it shooting out.

16-Ride away with A smile on your face.

This is A very hard and daughting trick so don't be discouraged if you can't do them,Try them down ledges,over gaps down Stairs anything.

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