This trick was originally conceived during a snowstorm in Virginia Beach, Virginia back in the winter of 1988. Desperate for any kind of skateboarding activity, Robert Hamrick and Garry Scott Davis were lying on the living room floor with their skateboards against the couch, pretending that the cushions were a lip. Garry came up with the idea of planting the front foot and grabbing with the trailing hand in order to catch air. About two months later, when the snow finally melted, Robert Hamrick and Mark Mounts were skating at a local skate spot called the D.O. when Robert remembered the “impossible” skate trick. Mark Mounts tried it, and found that it was incredibly simple. By the end of the day, all three were bouncing around the D.O. like disturbed pogo sticks. After much debate on what to name this incredibly easy and fun trick--it was simply called the front-footed frontside footplant at first--Mark suggested that it be named after one of Robert's childhood toys, a Barbie called "Barbie the Boneless One"


NOTE: Make sure you are wearing all proper safety gear, even a helmet before attempting this trick. Make sure your area is clear and the ground is a flat surface.

1. Grab the board frontside while on the ground. (A frontside grab is when you grab the toe-sided edge of the board, the one that is facing you, with your trailing hand.)

2. Take off your front foot and stomp the ground. (Remember to keep control though.)

3. After having pushed off the ground, take your front foot off the ground and place it back on the board, midair.

4. Try it again and again until you get it. Learn to ollie before this trick so you know how to land.