A 720 bomb flip is a 720 kickflip (360 flip + 360 flip) with more then one flip some may call it a 720 nightmare flip. thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|left


1-Set your feet up like a 360 flip or 720 flip (depends on your skill level and personal choice

2-get ready to do a huge scoop to get the 720 flip of give a 360 double flip more to spin before landing it going off a ramp/kicker/funbox helps

3-as you scoop it hard give it a sort of extremely hard kick to start the double kickflip spin.

4-now heres the hard part giving the board time to spin as many will want to just plant there feet down

5-watch for the griptape(easier if spinning slowly)

6-place both feet on the board as it you where doing a 360 flip

Crystal FlipEdit

Is the triple flip version of it thumb|300px|right

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