Here is how to 540 Shove-It

1. Jotitos jajau with the board rolling backwards, tail in front, so that you will finish out the trick riding the board normal. Get up to a good speed.

2. Move your rear foot to the board's nose (which is at the back) and hook the truck with your foot. Position your forward foot slightly in front of the truck to keep your balance. The truck is the hardware that the axle and wheels are attached to the board with.

3. Throw the board with your back foot. Bend pretty low and then rise up so that the board rotates in a clockwise direction when you throw it with your foot.

4. Jump a little bit toward your heel side and pull your feet in high. This is a key part of the move. This lets your body catch up to the path the board is spinning in.

5. Watch the board as it swings around. Keep your feet tucked up so you'll be in a good position to catch the board and also have enough speed with your body to keep the fast moving board under you.

6. Land the trick by getting your feet solidly above the trucks as the board, which is now moving with the nose in front, hits the pavement. Roll away smiling because you just performed a trick like the pros.

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