Corey-Duffel-5-0ghillsalley opt

a rider doing a 5-0

Pronounced "Five-Oh". In this maneuver, the back truck grinds the rail/edge, while the front truck is suspended directly above the rail/edge. This move is similar to the manual, although the tail may be scraped against the obstacle as well as the back truck, which is not considered proper on a manual. thumb|300px|right


1-If the Thing you are grinding you can roll onto this helps learn how to do this.Approach the rail/edge/Thing and ollie on to it (if your just rolling on to it do a manual before reaching it

2-While still in the air from the ollie push down on the back foot as if you where going to land in a manual.

3-make sure to be leaning forward when you land on the thing your grinding because if you don't your gona fall back,Make sure your not leaning to far forward because you could fall.If your just rolling on to it just do it like a manual for now.

4-Once you get to the end of it roll of it as your front of the board is in the air this is just like an acid drop.If rolling on to it end it like a manual.

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