360 Pop-ShuvitEdit

The 360 Pop-Shuvit is a when you the skateboarder ollies and pushes their backfoot to right or left and the board goes a full 360 degrees. The difference between a 360 Pop-Shuvit and Pop-Shuvit is that the board goes total 360 degrees while a regular Pop-Shuvit will go a total of 180 degrees.


  • Have both feet leaning off the board.
  • Ollie and have your back foot ready to swipe left or right (depends on your stance).
  • When you swipe keep your eye on the board and make sure it goes around.
  • Put your front foot down and then your backfoot down to make it eaiser to push the board back down.

 Photos and VideosEdit


360 Pop-Shuvit

Shuvit Stance

Stance of a 360 Pop-Shuvit

360 Pop-Shuvit00:03

360 Pop-Shuvit

All the steps of the 360 Pop-Shuvit being executed.

How to do the 360 Pop-Shuvit02:42

How to do the 360 Pop-Shuvit

Explaining how to do the 360 Pop-Shuvit

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