360 Inward HeelflipEdit

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a 360 inward heelflip

The 360 inward Heelflip is a backside 360 shuvit with a heelflip in one motion. its also called an Emerald flip by some.Ryan Shecklar  is known for doing them almost perfectly every time And even late flipping out of them. thumb|300px|right


1- done like a 360 Flip,however the front foots set up like a heelflip

2-after poping the tail the rider kicks the front foot foward in a scooping motion creating the heelflip spin while the backfoot creates the 360 pop shove it

3-after sucking the knees up the board can over spin or over flip due to kicking in the Wong way or wrong place

4-set the feet back on the board leaning froward to stop the board shooting out

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