pop shove it

thumb|300px|right 360 shove-it is a variation of shove-it where the board spins a full 360 degrees. Pop shove-it is a variation of both the ollie and the shove-it. A 360 shove-it combined with a body varial in the same direction is called big spin. The 540 variation of this trick was invented by Rodney Mullen in 1979.Instead of the board doing a half a circle spin 180 it spins a full rotation 360 degrees.There are two ways to do this Frontside and Backside in this version well do backside.


1-Set up just like a normal pop shove it

2-Pop the board now heres the hard part your gonna have to scoop the board a lot harder then if you where just doing a 180 because you'll want to get the full 360 spin

3-suck both legs up into your chest to avoid then getting hit by the board

4-place both feet on the board and ride off thumb|300px|left

Alternative wayEdit

If you can only do 270 pop shove its try catching them higher and turning the board 90 degrees as you land to get the full 360 degree rotation

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