A Pop Shove-It, or simply Shove-It (sometimes spelled "Shuv-it"), is a flip trick where your feet cause the board to rotate backside 180 degrees while keeping your body in the same direction.


  1. Set your front foot up anywhere between the front truck bolts and the middle of the board, the only thing it needs to do is get out of the way and the back foot to on the tail in a curved position.
  2. Depending on the shove it pop or not you're going to scoop (pull the tail back) the tail to get the 180 spin.
  3. Spread your feet a bit to keep them out of the way.
  4. Land with both feet on the board and roll away

This trick is hard for beginners as they don't feel they know what they're doing. Just practice and keep doing it, over time, it will eventually come to you. Also its really easy to end up on your ass when you do this trick because landing with both feet too close to the tail of board causes one to slide out and fall.


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